Every new model of the RAK shoe collection begins with a consultation between the RAK manufacturers and the best orthopedists, pediatricians, and shoe lasts specialists. It usually takes up to a few months to design an anatomically shaped shoe that will provide healthy foot development and in turn support the general wellbeing of children’s bodies.


RAK shoes are made in our workshop in Slovakia, a European country with a long history of crafting high quality shoes. Each pair of RAK shoes is made of up to 76 individual parts and it takes 55 manufacturing stages to put them together. In fact, a pair of RAK shoes passes through 30 pairs of hands before leaving the workshop — each one of them an experienced craftsman who treats treat each and every detail of the shoe with the utmost care.


With a padded heel tab and extra cushioning in the front part for a softer grip, RAK leather shoes are incredibly soft and comfortable. The reinforced heel counter ensures the ideal amount stability and supports natural foot development without having to change the shape of the shoe.


Each RAK shoe has an anatomically shaped removable insole made of three layers, each serving a unique purpose. The top layer is made of soft, breathable leather with antibacterial treatment ensuring feet stay cool, dry and fresh — important since children’s feet sweat more than adults. The second layer is anatomically shaped for optimal arch support. The third layer (midsole) is made from natural cellulose fibre for durability and temperature regulation.


We use premium quality nappa Italian leather which is very soft and breathable. It’s ideal for children’s shoes as it immediately molds to the shape of the foot and provides both comfort and support from the first moment they try them on.


Highly flexible, lightweight and durable, the RAK shoe sole is made from non-slip rubber and is designed to provide the perfect amount of grip a child needs for their natural movement and active lifestyle.


The RAK shoe range is full of timeless, stylish designs for first-walkers up to preschool aged children. The brand is backed by safety certificates and European awards proving that it’s possible to find shoes that not only look and feel good but are good for your children’s feet and wellbeing as a whole.